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It’s Official…. Seaside Holidays Are Good for You

Beach holidays are good for you... officialA recent study conducted by the British Psychological Society found that the bracing seaside air had a more positive effect than the countryside or an urban park.  In fact, the seaside was significantly more likely to create a feeling of well-being.

We can hardly say that we are surprised by this news after all there are not many nicer things in life than a seaside holiday.  The study went on to say that the greatest sense of pleasure came from exercising beside the sea (not so sure about the exercise bit!) regardless of factors such as age, where they lived and who they were with when they were visiting.

This preference for the coast was found both in the general population and among walkers.  Those who were travelling alone were particularly likely to get more enjoyment from the coast.

So, it’s official coastal cottages, seaside self catering and beach bungalows are good for you – tremendous, we have always said so.

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Best Beaches in Scotland – Blue Flag Awards and Seaside Awards

OK, so with grey skies over head our timing isn’t brilliant, but we have just updated our list of Blue Flag beaches in Scotland.

If you are planning to head to the beach this summer in Scotland check out the list of iconic Blue Flag beaches in Scotland .  The internationally recognised Award is an indication of great quality beaches that offer your family a great holiday experience and so are well worth checking out before you travel.

In addition to the Blue Flag beaches we have also listed the Scottish coastal areas that have received the Seaside Award. A programme run in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the Seaside Award recognises the different character of the beaches in these countries in 2 categories, Resort and Rural. We think the Seaside Award is another very helpful indication to those holidaying in the area where to find the best of the beaches.

See Blue Flag and Seaside Award Beaches in Scotland

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Source: Find Cottage Holidays