Have You Got 30 Seconds to Answer 1 Question?

Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, tablet, laptop… we are all finding it harder than ever to live without Internet access. But when you head off on a short break or holiday how important is it that your holiday cottage or apartment has Internet access? 

Can you live without it or do you choose your accommodation around having access?

We would love to know how important it is to you, so please answer our poll question.


4 thoughts on “Have You Got 30 Seconds to Answer 1 Question?”

  1. For me, being away from the internet, radio, T.V. and even my phone, is a holiday in itself. What a great stress relief, and do I really miss out on things? Nothing I can’t live without.

    1. I have agree, on my last holiday my laptop decided to break and my Blackberry decided not to collect e-mails for days at a time. Best holiday we have had as a result and all the e-mails I came back to were time wasters. I will be leaving laptop behind in future 🙂

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