So when did I become too old to listen to One Direction

To me my twenties really don’t seem that long ago and yet my daughter has put me in my place by pointing out I am way too old to listen to One Direction on my iPod!

I don’t remember her saying that when we were watching them on X-Factor or even when we went to the X-Factor Live Show, but now that we are on our summer holidays I am too old.

I will have to add this to my long list of other ‘Dad, You are Embarrassing Me’ incidents such as attempting to dance at the holiday disco, not wearing a t-shirt around our holiday accommodation and, worst of all ‘holding my teenagers hand when walking to the shop’.

It seems that I am slightly less than fashionable, when did this happen? Apparently I am just supposed to accept this and move on to liking country music (ok, I do like a bit of Johnny Cash) and dressing from Marks and Spencer (an old man’s clothes shop apparently) which is all well and good but I don’t feel quite ready for this ‘one foot in the grave’ scenario quite yet.

So I am going to do, as I have always done…. rebel (with a small ‘r’) by putting some Little Mix on my iPod. Living on the edge, that’s me!

Author: Holiday Junkie


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