Are you suffering from Post Olympic Blues? A cottage break could be the cure

We have to say that today we feel a little down, bereft of our beloved Olympic sports that provided all the drama and excitement we needed on a daily basis. Today we had no Olympic medal table to check, no sport schedules to check before selecting the best time of day for a quick dash to the shops and no 24 plus channels to watch every sport we could think of an many we couldn’t.

In fact we have been so absorbed by the sporting extravaganza that we haven’t even been updating our blog. But now it’s all over and we are left with a feeling of life will never be quite the same again 😦

However, above all else these superb Olympics did show what a wonderful country we live in, with superb landmarks, diverse culture, and with people a warm and friendly spirit (not forgetting the glorious weather!).

And so with so much going for it, we highly recommend taking a break in Great Britain and there is no finer way than in a self catering cottage or apartment. Whether you have been inspired by the Olympic water sports off Weymouth and the south coast, the equestrian events in the London Royal Parks, the cycling across the home counties or the rowing at Eton, you will find some great self catering holiday cottages close by to explore these wonderful areas of Britain.

Although we are now well in to the summer holidays you can still find some great deals for short breaks or holidays to take advantage of the good weather at locations across Britain and Ireland – perfect for couples, families or groups of friends.


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