It’s confirmed, we are British Holiday Addicts

We can sadly prove that we are completely nuts about British holidays and holiday cottages and homes in particular….

After putting off a trip to the dentist for the best part of a year, today was the day for having a new crown fitted.  To distract from me from the impending pain of an injection the nurse tried begun the usual chatter about holidays etc.  Usually this tactic wouldn’t work, especially with a giant needle heading towards me, but she said the magic words ‘Cornwall’, ‘holiday’ and ‘cottage’ and all of a sudden I was full of questions and interest.

Where was she going (Porth and Newquay), what was she staying in (a house and cottage), who did she book with, what website did she use?  Will she give us a holiday cottage review?

All these questions sort of spat out through the numb, cotton wool filled, cheeks,… so am I obsessed???

Just for the record the crown is now installed but I am still numb as I write this!


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