Find Cottage Holidays Blog

Hello there.

Well this is the Find Cottage Holidays blog and we hope you enjoy it.

What to expect from us? Well as the name suggests we are into all things Cottage Holiday related… from great places to go and see across the UK and Ireland.  But we are more than cottages, as it would be fair to say we are in to all things self catering really as we also talk about holiday homes of all types including lodges, chalets, apartments, holiday flats, bungalows…. and n and on.

This all may seem a little dull?  Well, we hope that special offers, discounts, hot last minute deals and accommodation reviews will spice it up a bit!  And, of course your input, so tell us what you want to talk about.

Check out our the Find Cottage Holidays website for more about our where to stay etc and our Find Cottage Holidays Facebook for more interactive chat and reviews.


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